Southwest IOC

I.O.C. Southwest Palette by Ken Kamps


Indigenous Organic Color

A world of new color that will transform yours.  Introducing our exclusive line of Indigenous Organic Color (I.O.C.)  Southwest Color Palette by Ken Kamps, Store Owner. Over the past twenty years we have worked hard to meet the challenge of customer satisfaction in color and have created thousands of custom colors; matching fabric, wood, stone, shingles, carpet and more. Like many quality paint stores color match is an important service to us.

But we saw a need to go beyond color match. We have been discussing the idea of regional color palettes for with our supplier over the past few years… Our focus is the Southwest. We realize other parts of the country have different color value preferences. The research and expense for them was seen as prohibitive, so we have taken the initiative.  Local rocks, trees and ground cover provide inspiration for this indigenous color palette that is subtle, non-invasive and organic.  See the Sedona Red Rock Colors come alive! This was a driving force in the creation of our custom Colors built and formulated in our store.  You can’t go wrong in your color selection within this palette. But then it makes sense, Nature has a balanced, soft, elegant look; and now so can you.  Take a look we think you will love it.

Our color preference reflects the desire to blend in with our environment.

We sell sample jars that enable you to “try on” Color. Viewing color in your environment is the only way to be sure the desired effect is achieved.

Not everyone can visualize Color and its use in your home. We offer, for a small fee, Color Consultation at your home. You may be surprised at the options presented, and it doesn’t cost any more to use colors that truly enhance your home.